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Authorized product

Authorized product ( Allowed air cargo goods ) | 09105901327

Welcome to the page on Authorized Air Cargo Shipments at Airman Company. As an international air transportation company, we provide secure and efficient transportation services for various goods to destinations worldwide. At Airman, we pay special attention to the list of authorized goods for air transportation and are confident that, by adhering to international standards and regulations, your goods will be delivered safely and promptly.

Recognizing the importance and sensitivity of air transportation, we have compiled a list of goods that are authorized for transport under air conditions. This list includes a range of items that can be safely and legally transported by air. Below are some of the goods that can be transported by air:

  1. Food Products: Various food products, including fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meat and fish, dairy products, nuts, and confectionery items, are eligible for air transportation.
  2. Pharmaceutical Products: Medicines and pharmaceutical products, including tablets, drops, vaccines, and other medical supplies, are authorized for air transportation.
  3. Electronic Products: Electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, televisions, and other small and sensitive electronic gadgets are suitable for air transportation.
  4. Household and Cosmetic Products: Household items such as small appliances, kitchenware, and decorative items, as well as cosmetic and personal care products, can be transported by air.
  5. Medical Supplies: Medical equipment and supplies, including diagnostic tools, medical instruments, and surgical equipment, are eligible for air transportation.
  6. Furniture and Decorative Products: Furniture and decorative products, including chairs, tables, decorative items, and other interior products, can be transported by air.

Please note that this is just a sample list of goods authorized for air transportation, and any specific item that is suitable for air transport can be considered.

At Airman, we prioritize compliance with international laws and regulations in air transportation. With the experience and expertise of our team, we guide you to ensure that your goods are legally and smoothly transported on airplanes. With Airman, as a reliable partner in air transportation, we enable you to send your goods to various destinations worldwide with confidence, speed, and safety. Our team is always ready to assist you at every stage of the transportation process.

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