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Many individuals traveling from Iran to the United States for extended periods may believe that shipping their personal belongings to America is not feasible. However, it is indeed possible to ship personal belongings to most cities in the United States. The majority of freight requests, both from Iran to America and vice versa, are primarily associated with the state of California, particularly the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. In general, the importation of personal items and household furniture into the United States for immigrants and travelers is straightforward, provided that the items are used and second-hand. Apart from covering the cost of air transportation and a fee for issuing a warehouse receipt upon arrival at the airport, there are no additional customs fees for passengers.

Airman Air Transport Company, boasting a distinguished track record on the global stage, offers cargo shipping services to and from all continents. For a complimentary consultation, please feel free to reach out to the following contact numbers:

Procedure for Sending Goods to/from America with Airman:
 Airman Company places the utmost importance on delivering top-quality services for the benefit of its customers when shipping cargo to all American cities. To achieve this goal, Airman’s operations team ensures they stay updated on the logistics of air cargo transportation and works diligently to enhance their services, particularly in advanced countries like America.

Typically, cargo is shipped to and from this continent using both sea and air transportation methods.

In sea transportation, the cargo’s journey starts and ends at major ports, while in air transportation, all international airports serve as terminals for sending and receiving cargo. Given the central role played by Airman  International Air Cargo Company in this domain, we will now provide a concise overview of the process for sending air cargo.

Air Cargo Shipping to America:

In light of existing sanctions, a third country serves as a transfer intermediary during the operational phase.

Initially, the cargo is transported to Imam Khomeini Airport and processed in the Anbar section of the airport. From Tehran, it proceeds to one of the neighboring countries, such as the UAE or Qatar, before continuing its journey to America.

Shipping Time to America:

For sea transportation, once the cargo is transferred to one of the southern ports of Iran, it typically requires 40 to 65 days to reach its final destination, one of the major cargo ports in the United States. In contrast, for air transportation from Imam Khomeini International Airport, the cargo can reach any international airport in the United States within a shorter timeframe, typically ranging from 5 to 10 days.

Closing Remarks:

Selecting a shipping company stands as a pivotal decision when it comes to sending cargo, and it merits careful consideration. If you seek reliability, prioritize companies that distinguish themselves by delivering superior service quality compared to others. Once you’ve chosen the preferred company, consult their experts for guidance on selecting the most suitable transportation mode based on the product’s characteristics, weight, and volume. If air transportation is recommended, inquire about the associated costs, and take advantage of shipping services from Iran to America with cost-efficiency.

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