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Transportation of dangerous goods

Airman Transport Company specializes in transporting special goods. These goods include chemical, toxic, explosive and dangerous materials. Airman offers these goods to all parts of the world by packing, labeling and transporting them safely.

Transportation of refrigerated goods

Perishable goods undergo chemical and physical changes and require special conditions for storage. Air shipping is the best method for perishable goods and requires careful planning and packaging. Airman Freight Company offers the best perishable goods transportation services with experienced and experienced staff.

Transportation of live animals

Air transportation of live animals is used by airlines for travelers to different parts of the world. This service is subject to certain conditions and rules and is divided into two types of transportation of pets and other live animals. airman Transport Company provides live animal transport services with the necessary licenses and according to relevant laws.

Passenger freight

Passenger air freight refers to the extra loads of passengers on passenger flights, which are billed as freight due to the significant cost. This type of cargo transportation provides high delivery speed, access to various destinations and flexibility for small to medium loads. Passenger freight is the most economical method of sending extra cargo, the cargo of immigrants and students.

Air cargo customs services

Air transportation services of airman Company include comprehensive and complete customs services for the export and import of cargo and goods through air transportation. This company, with its expertise and experience in this field, helps customers to easily carry out customs affairs in their countries of origin and destination.

Air cargo insurance

Air cargo insurance is a type of transportation insurance that protects cargo against loss and damage. This insurance can include various risks such as air crash, fire, theft, customs refusal, etc. In order to issue an air freight insurance policy, you must inform Air cargo insurance is a type of transportation insurance that protects cargo against loss and damage. This insurance can include various risks such as air crash, fire, theft, customs refusal, etc.

Economic Importance of Logistics

َAirman Services Company, proudly stands as one of the most important points of differentiation in the international logistics industry and emphasizes the economic importance of logistics as a fundamental pillar for economic growth and development, relying on its experience and expertise in the field of air transportation. As a familiar name in providing global air cargo services, we provide flexible and efficient logistics solutions for customers on a global scale, using a wide network of international partners, collaborating with reputable airlines and using modern technologies. As a provider of integrated and advanced air logistics services, we assure our customers that their cargo will be sent to the farthest parts of the world in the best possible way, bringing more productivity and speed to their businesses. With just one click, our customers can send their cargo to their destination with confidence in timely delivery and controlled costs. The strategic importance of air logistics in the economic growth of countries and facilitating international trade exchanges is clearly seen in our missions at Irmān and we proudly provide the best services to our customers.


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Airman is a prominent air cargo company in the international transportation industry. With more than 10 years of experience, this company is recognized as one of the leaders in providing air transportation services. Airman’s experts, with their abilities in planning and managing international transportation, offer flexible and economical solutions for transporting goods around the world, in collaboration with international partners, reputable airlines and modern technologies. Irmān, believing in providing services with high credibility and unparalleled accuracy, has placed close communication and continuous cooperation with customers as its basic principles and provides an exceptional experience for customers from collection and packaging to final delivery. This company, with its experienced and committed team, extensive communication network and cargo tracking services, provides diverse and quality services at the global level and its goal is to create positive experiences and maintain sustainable relationships with customers.