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About Airman Air Freight Services

Zanjire Talaee Airman is an Air Freight Company in Mashhad, has offices in the city and Mashhad International Airport, also the company is about to establish Air Shahan Golden Cargo Air Freight With offices in Tehran and Imam Khomeini International Airport, with more than 27 years’ experience of its managers with more than 100 members of the logistics group has been set up with a network of representatives around the world providing quality services with reasonable rates.

Airman Company is the official representative of all foreign and domestic cargo airlines and has extensive activities with offices in Mashhad, logistics offices in Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Bushehr and other important cities of the country.

In addition to air transportation services for passengers, Airman Company, as a rule, offers the most innovative, creative and safest cargo services.

Airman Air Cargo transports and sends cargo to more than 50 destinations in its entire network and with contracts with reputable airlines such as Qatar Airways, Turkish, UAE, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, KLM, Lufthansa, Oman Air, Kuwait Air, etc. offers competitive shipping services to customers.

Economic importance of logistics

Nowadays the increase in population and the consequent growth of demand has caused sales markets and location of services centers for the supply of services and goods. It is in the hands of the final consumer that it has become one of the important indicators in the economic development of countries.





Dangerous Goods

Airman Company, one of the subsidiaries of Khadem Logistics Holding Company, provides transportation, delivery and customs services of all IATA classes by air and multimodal, with the necessary licenses and in coordination with the airlines in Iran.

The list of prohibited goods by air flights is as follows :

Dangerous goods are materials or products that may cause explosion, fire, breakdown of technical equipment and other goods during transportation, loading or unloading and storage operations, as well as death, poisoning, damage., Burns, radiation or human or animal disease.

Types of dangerous goods
  • Types of explosives and weapons
  • Drugs and psychotropic substances (psychotropic)
  • Objects (cards, newspapers, magazines, CDs and videotapes) immoral and immoral • All kinds of gases
  • Flammable solids
  • All kinds of magnets

Transportation of refrigerated Cargo

air cargo Transportation has always been one of the most important needs of manufacturers to market their products, and in the meantime, transportation of food and perishable, especially pharmaceutical, is of great importance and ensuring the safety and health of transportation of goods. And timely arrival of the product to different markets is one of the important indicators for manufacturers.


Carrying pets

Carrying pets is one of the services that airlines have created for the convenience of passengers, transporting animals to different parts of the world. But this service is subject to its own terms and conditions. The transport of the living animal is divided into two types of transport.

Carrying pets

Carrying other live animals

Airman Company one of subsidiaries of Khadem Logistics Holding offers live animal transport services with the necessary permits and in accordance with the relevant shipping laws.

Carrying pets
  • Laws of the country of origin
  • International law
  • The rules of the transport company
  • The laws of the destination country are accepted by the airline representative

The acceptance of live animals requires continuous and continuous coordination. Observing the following is mandatory in pet adoption.


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Services for importing commodity for inside Iran

Export services for outside Iran

Customs formalities in other countries, from warehouse doors, factory doors to shipping and delivery of local doors to Iran without weight restrictions

Delivery service at the destination, in case of shipment by this company and delivery of commodity on the spot after customs formalities without weight restrictions

Internal transit services, foreign transit, handling, staffing, lashing, warehousing and….

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