Mahan air

Mahan air

Mahan air ( (Sending air cargo with Mahan air Airlines) | 09120499750

Airman, representing Mahan Air, which is one of the most reputable airlines in Iran, offering air cargo services to various destinations worldwide for various types of cargo, including industrial, agricultural, medical, electronic, and more. Airman is capable of meeting the transportation needs of both personal and commercial cargo for its customers.

Mahan Air, with countless destinations inside and outside Iran, provides the possibility of transporting various types of cargo to points around the world through Airman.

To meet the urgent needs of some customers for cargo delivery, Airman utilizes fast and prioritized transportation routes to ensure timely delivery to its customers.

Below, we will provide an explanation of the cargo transportation services offered by Airman via Mahan Air.

Airman carefully monitors the stages of cargo transportation using advanced technologies and provides customers with real-time information about their cargo. This capability helps customers always have access to information about the whereabouts of their cargo.

With the use of cargo transportation services via Mahan Air, facilitated by Airman, customers can confidently send their goods and cargo to their desired destinations such as Istanbul, Dubai, Erbil, Moscow, Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad, Bangkok, Delhi, Ankara, Minsk, Phuket, Kirkuk, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Saint Petersburg, and Lahore.

Airman, through improving the quality of its services and employing specialized personnel in the field of air cargo transportation, is considered one of the most reputable choices in the Iranian air cargo industry.

If you need more information, please contact the relevant specialist via WhatsApp or by phone at +98 912 049 9750.